Best Front Suspension Upgrades Your Bronco Raptor Needs

March 01, 2023

Best Front Suspension Upgrades Your Bronco Raptor Needs

The Foutz Motorsports team has recently released a variety of suspension upgrades for Ford's most powerful Bronco, so if you're an off-road junkie like us and want to know how to get the best performance out of your Braptor - then you have come to the right place. Here's how to enhance the front suspension on your Bronco Raptor and why, starting with: 


The Foutz Motorsports Stock Length Billet Upper Control Arm will feel as good as it looks. It has ultimate durability and strength by providing you with a tighter grasp on the front end. But that's not all, this upgrade is an investment that will save you money in the long run and here's why:

Did you know when the ball joints & bushings in a stock control arm wear out you will need to replace the entire upper arm?

The team at Foutz created a cost effective solution to this inconvenience by releasing the new billet Upper Control Arm for Bronco Raptor that is easily serviceable when it comes to individually replacing only the uniball or 7/8 rod ends whenever there are signs of excessive wear.

The uniball and rod end spacers in the upgraded control arm are CNC machined in-house and made out of 17-4 stainless steel. High quality features like this eliminate the hassle of you spending more money to replace the entire arm like you would with stock. Not only do you get more bang for your buck with this product, but you will also get a longer lifespan from it due to its strength and durability. 

What else you need to know:

This Billet Bronco Raptor Upper Control Arm is designed to work with the stock spindle and to be a direct bolt on part. The 7/8 FK rod ends are fully adjustable for caster and camber that attach the arm at the frame. Invest in the best when it comes to your front suspension, Foutz Motorsports will guarantee this upgrade is worth every penny.


Why you need it?

This Bronco Raptor Leveling Kit by Foutz Motorsports is best way to gain some front ride height without changing all of the geometry. It will give your Braptor a leveled out look that will also allow you to have more tire clearance. Foutz Motorsports doesn't use some cheesy block on top of the shock mount that causes damage to your ball joints and CV's. They took the time to engineer and construct a proper under spring spacer that mounts to the shock body under the lower spring perch to add some additional preload to the stock spring.


Why is it bad to add a block on top?

When you add a block on top of the spring it moves the whole shock down and that lets the suspension droop farther then it was designed to work and puts bind on the ball joints and cv joints which will cause premature failures. Don't get suckered into a block spacer like that and damage your vehicle.

How do we know this? 

We have an incredible amount of experience and knowledge when it comes to stock suspension from our Raptor R race programs and racing our stock full Ford Super Duty race trucks over the years. That's why we want you to cash in on our experience and get the best leveling kit on the market for your new Bronco Raptor. The new Bronco Raptor Leveling Kit comes with 2 lower coil spring collars in the color of your choice: Raw Aluminium, Black, Orange or Blue Anodized



The Foutz Motorsports Bronco Raptor Billet Half Tie Kit (above) works with the factory Bronco Raptor inner tie rod shaft and adapts the outer section to use a high quality 7/8 rod end at the wheel. It will still tighten your steering with replaceable parts.
As for the Billet Full Tie Rod Kit (below) it will strengthen the tie rod and tighten the steering with replaceable parts. At the steering rack stainless steel clevis adapter, spacers and 3/4 FK rod ends with grade 8 bolts and lock nut are used again. In addition. A urethane boot is also used to ensure you keep the rack sealed up and keep water and dirt out of the steering box which is very important
Why you need it:
Both full or half tie rod kit from Foutz Motorsports start off with 6061-T6 aluminum hex stock and then get CNC machined into their unique shape to ensure clearance. Grade 8 bolts and lock nuts are attached to provide you with ultimate strength for your steering. They are available in Raw Aluminum, black, blue and Fox Orange anodized.


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