Get More Control With This Bronco Raptor Rear Suspension Upgrade

March 08, 2023

Get More Control With This Bronco Raptor Rear Suspension Upgrade

As soon as you get behind the wheel with this Billet Aluminum Suspension Arm Kit from Foutz Motorsports, you will feel a night and day difference when handling your Bronco Raptor. This is a performance upgrade that provides instant gratification once they have been installed - and we’re not just talking about it's billet looks - with every turn you'll immediately notice that you have more control and connection with your Braptor's rear suspension than ever before.

These upgraded rear suspension arms are impressively durable and are designed to have a long life span so you’re able to get the most out of your investment for years to come. Stock suspension arms not only lack longevity in strength and performance but in maintenance as well. The entire stock arm will always need to be replaced once it's bushings start to wear out costing you more time and money. So here's the good news: 
The Foutz Motorsports upgraded arms will prevent you from this problem because they include high quality components that are conveniently serviceable when needed. Both upper and lower arms feature 1" Uniballs from FK and custom machined 17-4 Stainless heim spacers that are designed to fit in the stock mount locations. 
The front mounts have a Urethane wobble stopper to keep the arms in alignment and ride quiet. The lower arm also have a steel mount thats fabricated in-house and then powder coated for the suspension travel sensor (below) to ensure your Braptor's live valve suspension will work correctly.  
And the best part of it all is these rear suspension arms are now available online for you to give the upgrade your Bronco Raptor deserves. The upper and lower arms can be sold as a kit or individually with options in raw aluminum or anodized black, blue or orange. Not only will you get more bang for your buck with this product, but you will also get a longer lifespan out of it due to its ultimate strength and durability. 



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