Alcon Big Brake kit for Gen 3 Raptor Now Available

January 30, 2024

Alcon Front Big Brake Kit 2021 - 2023 Ford Raptor

    While the stock Ford brake package works well on these trucks, it also fades with excessive abuse and heavy towing. - And for some of us that are pushing the envelope, we need a little more. 
    Alcon Front Big Brake Kit 2021 - 2023 Ford Raptor
    There's no denying that we all focus on wanting bigger and better shocks and tires, but the next problem we face is: Now that I can go faster, how do I slow down when I need to- that is why this brake upgrade is the ultimate solution for Gen 3 owners. 

    Recently, we took our Gen 3 Ford Raptor with one of the new Alcon front brake kits down to Baja and ran over 1000 miles of every type of terrain you can imagine - including 100 MPH runs down some of the remote dirt roads and beaches. 

    Alcon Front Brake Kit Gen 3 Ford Raptor

    Shortly after that we tested it out in Parker, Arizona on 250 mile run and within those two trips of pushing it to the limit, the durability and performance of the brake kit was absolutely flawless. 

    This is the ONLY kit that we know of that allows you to use a Raptor 17" factory wheel. It features a 6 piston front caliper with vented/SLOTTED rotors, and will bolt on to a fully stock truck that has factory spindles and suspension.

    Alcon Brake Gen 3 Raptor

    The long racing history found in the Alcon brand brings tremendous technology to the truck community. From their history in NASCAR to their race proven brakes found in Trophy Trucks, the Alcon technology puts them on top of the brake industry

    Alcon Front Brake Kit Gen 3 Ford Raptor

    We challenge you to find any other brake upgrade for Ford Raptor that has been put through the rigorous engineering and testing like this kit has experienced. SECURE YOUR SPOT IN THE FIRST BATCH OF THIS AWESOME NEW FRONT BRAKE PACKAGE WHILE THEY LAST.


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