Foutz Motorsports has years of experience in the Off-Road world.  The first to build a Raptor to race in the desert and the first to build long travel suspension kits for the popular Raptor truck platform.

The team at FMI has extensive experience in engineering and CAD design surrounding off-road trucks and racing.  Let the team help you with your design and bring that idea to life.

The Foutz Motorsports team has been trusted to do full vehicle design and build work for some of the biggest names in the industry.  Projects include:

  • Ford Raptor R race truck 
  • Gen 2 Ford Raptor R race truck
  • Roll Cage design and installation
  • CAD modeling for full vehicle design and suspension design
  • Race support and logistics for off-road events
  • Custom Fabrication work
  • Military vehicle design for high speed assault