Foutz Motorsports releases 3 TRX leveling kit options

May 10, 2022 1 Comment

Foutz Motorsports releases 3 TRX leveling kit options

May 5, 2022

Foutz Motorsports has always lead the field in innovation and cutting edge concepts.  Today the team released 3 variants of their very popular 2021 - 2022 Ram TRX front leveling kit.  Now available in 1.5" lift, 2" lift, and 2.5" lift. TRX leveling kits now available in 3 sizes to level your truck the way you want  This provides you all of the flexibility you need to get your truck to look exactly the way you want it to.



In addition to the new sizes you can also now get your leveling kit in either the classic raw aluminum finish or in Black anodized finish to achieve the look you want most.  The Foutz Motorsports team also will do custom anodize colors on the kits for a modest upcharge.  Call your sales rep for more information on that.

TRX front leveling kit in raw aluminum finishTRX front leveling kit finished in black anodize with the FMI logo etched through for a clean stunning look

the kits are listed separately below.

1.5" tall kit

2" tall kit

2.5" tall kit

For more information please reach out to your Foutz Motorsports representative.  email or call 480-718-9800

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Russ Fox
Russ Fox

July 10, 2022

I want to lift my 2021 RAM TRX to a level position. I recently bought the FMS 2" front lift however I am starting to think it will leave the front nose high. Should I go with the 1.5" lift for a level look. I’m curious what the Industry is saying before I do the install.

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