NACHO Quatro Spot Pair


$ 449.00

The all-new NACHO Quatro is bringing sexy back to the offroad light market. With a sleek 4” pod design and multiple user-controlled features, the Quatro keeps the user in control. Breaking the mold on what traditional off-road lighting looks like, this whole new design by NACHO will bring the attention to you. Performance, Design, Protection, and Versatility are the CORE values of the NACHO Quatro.  


Quatro Spot

The NACHO Quatro Spot brings high power in a small package.  These powerhouses are 120 watts for the set, 10,820 lumens and 212,000 candela. Performance that mimics the stylish design.

TRL (Trail Running Light)

The TRL is a low power mode for the trail, instead of high projection it produces more of a glow effect designed to be seen by oncoming vehicles. Utilizing an independent trigger, the TRL can be wired to a single switch or tied in directly to your factory running lights.

IP68 Rated

All NACHO lights are IP68 rated which means your protect from dust and water so you can smash through rivers with confidence.

J575 Vibration Rated

The offroad environment is brutal, the Quatro was designed to not only withstand high vibration but survive the most grueling trails. Washboards for miles? No problem. 

Outer Body

The first Forced Induction light on the market. The outer body of the Quatro was designed with a couple key features. One was to flow air through and around the heat sink by forcing air through the front of the light and exhausting out the back of the housing. The housing was also designed to be removed giving you a naked light engine to allow you to flush mount the Quatro or use it in factory fog light locations.


The amber and smoke covers are included with the purchase of the set of lights.  The covers are easy installed by removing the front bezel and placing the cover in its grooves then snapping the bezel back on the front of the light. Made out of polycarbonate material the covers are another level of protection or a quick way to change the lights output color.

User Control

The NACHO Quatro allows you to switch between multiple functions in the single light. You can control the light with a low power output which engages the lower LEDs or a high-power output which operates the light with all 6 LEDs.

Impact Resistant

Our lenses and covers are made out of poly carbonate and thoroughly tested with 5g impact drop tests as well as real life rock roosting.  Oh, and they are Baja and KOH tested.


  • 2 Quatro LED Lights
  • 2 Bracket kits with hardware
  • 2 Amber and Smoke lens covers