Gen 3 Raptor Stock Length Fabricated Replacement Lower A-Arm kit - 2021 - 2024 F150 Raptor


$ 2,399.99

The Foutz Motorsports Raptor Fabricated Lower A-Arm kit is made out of 4130 material and using the best components available.   Added by-pass shock mounts built in and mounting tabs to add our Raptor sway bar kit are standard features.  The fabricated arm was designed to work with the stock factory spindle / upright but incorporates a huge 1.5" uniball at the spindle connection and uses 1" uniballs at the frame side for the ultimate in strength and control.  We use FK bearings in all of our kits so you don't have to worry about low quality uniballs.  We also build in correct steering stops to work with the spindle to keep your steering rack alive.  Billet machined steering stops are welded into the core of the arm and geometry matched with the spindles.  All of the mounting spacers are machined from 17-4 stainless to last a lifetime and be tough as nails.  These arms come MIG welded and fixture built for consistent fit and quality. The arms are finished with a final powder coat to keep them looking great for a long time.

The lower arm was designed to work with the stock factory coil over shock or can also be used with any of the aftermarket stock replacement coil over shocks for the ultimate flexibility.


The kit will allow you to add on a 3" bypass shock to the truck with the add on upper shock mount kit and special layout 3" shock.

You can also add our weld on bump stop kit for the front to the truck at any time. The arms come stock with the bump stop plate welded on.

We also make a tunable sway bar kit that works with the arm that can be added at any time.  The sway bar kit uses custom bent sway bar arms and either 1" sway bar or 1.25" dia sway bar so you can tune the feel to your liking. ***They will not work with the factory sway bar. 

Standard Lower Arm Kit Includes:

1 ea Right side lower fabricated arm with installed FK uniballs
1 ea Left side lower fabricated arm with installed FK uniballs
1 kit of 17-4 spacers for the uniballs at the wheel and the frame
2 ea 12 pont 5/8 bolt for the lower uniball at the spindle

**** re-use the factory a-arm mounting bolts at the frame for this kit or you can get upgraded bolts if you also have frame support plate kits added to the frame for the lower a-arm mounts.