Gen 3 Raptor Rear Axle Gusset Kit


$ 139.99

Reinforce the factory axle mounting points on the rear suspension of your Gen 3 Raptor with the Foutz Motorsports Rear Axle Gusset Kit.     

Don't get stuck on the trail with broken axle mounts.  Get our weld on rear axle mount strengthening kit.  We have seen several Gen 3 rear axles come through the shop with cracks in the welds on the upper link mounts.  This kit was designed to strengthen the mounts and give you that piece of mind that your truck will get you home even in aggressive use.  Each gusset piece is laser cut from 3/16 steel to provide a support to your rear suspensions axle mounts and ensure they stay intact. 

This weld-on kit will prevent failure to the rear link mounts from ripping off or cracking by securing all sides of the factory axle mounts. 

 features 10 FMI gusset mounts for the rear axle: 

(2) upper mount - front gusset

(2) upper mount - inside gusset 

(1) panhard bar mount gusset - top side

(1) panhard bar mount gusset - bottom side

(1) lower mount - inside gusset

(1) lower mount - inside gusset (bent mirror)

(1) lower mount - outside gusset

(1) lower mount - outside gusset (bent mirror)