Gen 3 Raptor +3" Long Travel Front Suspension Kit with Fabricated upper arm - 2021 - 2024 F150 Raptor


$ 6,699.99

The Foutz Motorsports Raptor +3" Long Travel Kit allows serious off-road enthusiasts to achieve a top-level performance with their Gen 3 Raptor like never before. 

A NEW High Performance Front Suspension System for Your Raptor: This long travel kit is engineered with the best front suspension components that provide superior handling during the suspension cycle. The kit is designed to increase wheel travel by 15% while maintaining stability and at high speeds and on rough terrains.   The kits  components are all longer than stock by 3" to gain a total of 6" total width over the stock Raptor front width.  Just like all of our suspension kits we invest pain staking detail into the kits to make sure that the needed features are maintained to ensure long life for the suspension kit and all of the truck components.  Key features like:

  • Built in steering stops to ensure you don't over travel the CV joints
  • Retains the stock coil over shock mount and location so you can keep your live valve system happy and working
  • Also works with aftermarket replacement stock fitment coil overs
  • Added by-pass shock mount for a perfectly timed by-pass shock addition.  Fox 3.0 by-pass shock option or ADS 3.0 by-pass shock option available.
  • Fabricated by-pass shock tower that integrates with the stock shock bucket to add strength and ensure correct shock clearance at all times
  • Works with stock Raptor wheels 
  • Integrated sway bar mounts that work with our FMI sway bar kit - FMI sway bar kit can be added at any time
  • Built in front limit strap mounts
  • Front bump stop pad integrated into the arm - bump stop can be added at any time
  • Works with stock front upright or our heavy duty fabricated front upright
  • Lower arm uses 1.5" uniball at the spindle and 1" uniballs at the frame to provide constant predictable handling at all times.
  • Upper arm uses 1.5" uniball at the spindle and 7/8 rod ends at the frame for adjustable caster and camber adjustments
  • Fabricated lower and upper arm made from 4130 material and MIG welded
  • 17-4 stainless uniball spacers for ultimate strength and longevity. 
  • 100% CAD designed to ensure correct cycle and design

Heavy Duty Longer Front Axle shaft: Our custom made front half shafts are made from 4340 heat treated steel for ultimate strength, ductility, fracture toughness, & fatigue resistance to withstand abuse.   

Don't want to add shock tower & bump stop now? No problem, You can still get the get the long travel experience and add the extras later.  The kit is designed to let you add enhancements when you are ready.  Add bump stop, By-pass shock and limit strap anytime down the road.   

What is the cycling tire clearance? This kit was tested to clear 35", 37" and 39" tires at full bump to full droop.  Wider Fiberglass fenders are required for this kit.  Depending on the tire size you choose will determine how much larger fender you will need.   check out this video and read the after installation requirements highlighted in below 

Here is what this kit includes

  • +3" Fabricated Upper Control Arms
  • By-pass Shock Tower

  • +3"  Billet Tie Rod kit (full billet shown - ** Half tie rod standard option for this kit)

  • +3" Fabricated Lower Control Arms

  • Custom heavy duty extended 4340 front half shafts that work with the stock CV joints
  • Stainless braided brake line kit with custom FMI hard line mount tabs

*Please Read as this your last stop for bolt-on performance parts*
This +3" Long travel system requires some fabrication and modifications to be done in order to achieve the kits full capabilities. 
  • Before installation:  A qualified professional fabricator is recommended to install The bump stop and Bypass Shock Tower due to the welding that is required on the frame.
  • After installation: It is highly advised to have your Gen 3 Raptor be realigned by a shop technician that is familiar with long travel. It is also required to have fiberglass fenders for a 37" or 39" tire to have clearance. 
  • Before installation: This kit REQUIRES you to use fiberglass fender kit to clear the tire.  *** Stock Raptor front fenders will not clear with this kit. ***


A few additional things to consider:

Upgrade your Raptor rear suspension also.   You can pair this front suspension long travel system with our Gen 3 Cantilever Kit or through the bed long travel kit so the rear suspension will keep up with the front. In addition to better shocks and rear travel we worked with the team at Currie Enterprises to supply custom built fabricate rear axle housing kits specially up fit to work with the Gen 3 rear 5 link suspension.  This axle kit requires our team to custom fit the correct mounting tabs and mounts to work with the Gen 3 Raptors.  We suggest matching the width added in the front with the plus 3" kit with a 3" wider per side rear axle kit to ensure proper handling characteristics.  Leaving the rear axle width stock or 3" shorter per side will cause the truck to handle poorly, especially in turning at higher speeds.

What additional products do we recommended? Our lower arm pocket replacement kit will help strengthen the lower pockets where the +3" front lower control arm attaches on the front side.  This is the front pocket that will typically take damage when stuffing the front suspension and making contact with the ground.  Our enhanced pocket kit replaces that thin sheet metal section with thicker, stronger, chromoly pocket with added gussets to ensure ultimate strength even with moderate contact.  Whether a repair to a damaged pocket or proactively upgrading before you see frame damage this kit is a great option