Gen 2 Raptor - Lower Arm Rear Pivot Reinforcement Brackets - Bolt On Kit


$ 199.99

These reinforcement brackets will stabilize the alignment in the front lower arms by strengthening the weak point at the rear mount where it is frequently prone to bending when the front wheels encounter heavy impact. 

Key Features:    

  • No modifications needed, this bolt on kit uses factory hardware and is easy to install
  • Brackets are MIG welded for extra strength & powder coated in hammer black textured
  • Works with stock lower arm or FMI Fabricated Lower Control Arm lower arm 

  • Works with stock sway bar or FMI upgraded sway bar kit
  • Reinforces & stabilizes LCA alignment 
  • Strengthens the weak point in the rear mounts of the LCA
  • Prevents the LCA rear mount from bending upon hard hits 


You should get your Raptor realigned once brackets are installed to ensure you don't end up with poor tire wear in the front