Gen 2 Raptor Fabricated Front Spindle kit


$ 2,599.99

From years of experience the Foutz Motorsports team now brings you the ultimate Raptor spindle for your Gen 2 Raptor.  Built specifically for the Gen 2 Raptor and to work with the standard vacuum 4x4 actuator module.  The kit was designed to incorporate stock ball joint tapers for the upper and lower arms to allow you the ultimate flexibility in your setup.  That flexibility will also let you add components to your Raptor as you want to make changes and doesn’t force you to do everything all at one time, making it budget friendly too. 

This new upright is built from a CNC machined 2” thick primary backing plate that incorporates the brake caliper mounts for the ultimate in strength and reduction in flex on the upright assembly.  All sheet metal parts are made from 4130 material and MIG welded to ensure the best quality in the finished part and no sacrifice in strength.  All ball joint mount areas are made from machined 4130 material which makes the ball joint tapers strong and durable for a long lasting part.    

We took painstaking time to make sure the upright has proper steering stops built in to ensure that your steering and CV joints are protected.  The upright was designed to work with your factory stock upper and lower arms, and any combination of aftermarket upper and lower arms that would mount to a stock ball joint location.  This upright will work with the factory stock Raptor wheels with no problem. The kit will work with any ½ tie rod kit or full billet tie rod kit that uses a 7/8 rod end at the wheel and is only available in Hammer black.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery