Gen 1 Raptor Fabricated Rear Shackle Hanger - stock location


$ 429.99

These Fabricated Rear Shackle Hangers are designed to replace the stock ones that are notoriously prone to cracking on Gen 1 Raptors.  

Stock shackle hangers become increasingly susceptible to cracking as they get older and more fatigued over time. The Foutz Motorsports fully fabricated rear shackle hangers are thicker than stock, our kit is made out 3/16 steel. They install in the stock mounting location but have a wider connection and more gusset area to better distribute the load on the frame to further help its longevity.  The hanger is MIG welded to ensure ultimate strength and durability. 

This weld-on kit reuses factory shackle bolts and must be installed by a qualified fabricator. 

You can use the stock factory shackle or you can also upgrade to the Foutz Motorsports fabricated rear shackles in stock length or extended versions.  Click here for info on our shackle kits
Gen 1 Shackle Kits


Gen 1 Raptor Fabricated rear shackle hanger stock location

Gen 1 Raptor Fabricated Rear Shackle Hanger