Ford Raptor (2021-2024) Billet Aluminum Rear Lower Suspension Arms with Ultra-Flex Joints


$ 1,649.99

These rear lower arms for the Gen 3 Raptor are machined out of billet aluminum and feature our patent pending Ultra-Flex joint that uses a 17-4 stainless steel center ball and a urethane body that can be conveniently serviced with an external grease zerk.

The benefits of this new patent pending greaseable design include:

Extreme Durability - The Ultra-Flex joint design allows it to last significantly longer than a conventional uniball joint.

Less Noise - the urethane in the joint helps isolate the road noise and wont squeak or clunk like uniballs when they get worn out  

Resistant to corrosion & rust -  All stainless-steel components stay constantly lubricated - making this a great solution for areas that have humid / wet weather.


2021-2024 Ford Raptor Flex Joint Suspension Arm Assembly

Easy to Service  - Low profile external zerk fitting allows you to conveniently add grease to the joint whenever it's needed while the suspension arm still remains installed on the truck.

Saves You Money  -  Instead of having to replace the complete uniball assemblies, the Ultra-Flex joint allows you to just change the urethane replacement body that may wear  out over time - this saves you money in the long run compared to the the cost of replacing complete uniball assemblies. 

Made for: 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024 Ford Raptor & 2023-2024 Ford Raptor R
Kit Includes: 2 FMI Billet Aluminum Lower Arms with spacers and hardware

****** CURRENT LEAD TIME IS 3 to 4 weeks for delivery time on these parts ******

*** patent pending ***