6th Gen Bronco Roof Panel Mount kit by Adapt-a-panel (full section)


$ 499.99 $ 559.99

Trick out your new Bronco with the ultimate inside roof mounting kit from Adapt-a-panel.  This unique kit provides a full section from the front windshield back to just behind the front seats and a full right to left panel that attaches to the stock Bronco upper tube structures.  The kit provides strength across the upper tubes to help limit flex. This kit works for both soft and hard top configurations in the 4 door Bronco.  Works with all trim packages on the 4 door Bronco.

No drilling required just pull back the plastic on the front section and bolt it in to the existing mounts in the front and existing mounts above in the rear.  The kit provides strong mounting structure for all kinds of gear.  Mount radios, GPS units, even your best hunting gear without worry.  Using the Adapt-a-panel grid system you can use grid inserts to bolt anything to the panel system you can imagine.  It also will allow you to use any normal MOLLE type accessories with ease.  The most flexible system available.

The panel kit is made from .120" thick mild steel and powder coated with a textured black finish (the pictures are raw material to show the detail) which makes the panels disappear into your headliner and not attract attention.  We use black stainless hardware for the sleek and clean look you want.

The kit includes:

1 ea windshield to rear panel
1 ea windshield adapter mount plate
2 ea over head side adapter plates
1 ea right to left panel section
2 ea L-support brackets for the corners
1 ea full hardware kit

Product Protected by US Patent No. 11,940,092