2021 Ram TRX Rear Bump Stop Kit with Fox Hydraulic Bump Stops - by Foutz Motorsports

$ 1,499.99

Get our all new Rear Bump Stop Kit for the best off-road experience in your TRX and enjoy the trails in a whole new way.  Installs in the factory spring buckets with minimal modifications.  Adding the hydraulic bump stop improves the ride in rough terrain.  Using a Fox 2.5" diameter bump stop with 2.5" of travel to soak up the biggest bumps with ease.

you can also add rear spring spacers to this kit to add ride height to the rear.  Add .75" or 1" thick plates as needed. 

Kit Includes:

2 bump stop mount sections
2 Fox 2.5" bump stops with 2.5" of travel
1 hardware kit for install