2021 - UP Ram TRX Rear Bump Stop Kit with Hydraulic Bump Stops - by Foutz Motorsports


$ 776.99

Upgrade your off-road experience by conquering the trails in a whole new way with this TRX Hydraulic Bump Stop Kit

  • Adding the hydraulic bump stop improves the ride in rough terrain.  
  • Uses a 2.5" diameter bump stop with 2.5" of travel to soak up the biggest bumps with ease.
  • Installs in the factory spring buckets with minimal modifications.
  • You can also add rear spring spacers to this kit to add ride height to the rear. Add .75" or 1" thick plates as needed. 
  • Watch Gas Monkey Garage install this Hydraulic Bump Stops kit with 1" rear spring spacer on a brand new 2023 TRX:

Kit Includes:

2 bump stop mount sections
2 2.5" bump stops with 2.5" of travel
1 hardware kit for install

Select which brand of bump stop for your kit (IN STOCK NOW: FOX & ADS)