2017-2020 Raptor Long Travel 5-Link Rear Suspension Conversion Kit for F150 and Gen 2 Raptors with 19 inches of travel


$ 8,999.99 $ 9,499.99

The ultimate upgrade for your Gen 2 Ford Raptor is our all new long travel 5- link rear suspension kit.  This 5 link suspension kit replaces the leaf spring setup with Gen 3 configuration rear suspension.  The upper and lower trailing arms and panhard bar with race quality fabricated parts and locates the panhard bar for optimum wheel travel.  Add a cantilever setup for the shocks to get up to ~19 inches of working wheel travel and uses a standard off the shelf 2.5" coil over shock instead of the factory spring.  All of the moving parts are built using 4130 chromoly material and using high quality uniball and rod ends to provide the ultimate in strength and stability.  Getting rid of the rubber bushings that mount the stock parts with the more rigid race quality bearings makes the truck feel more predictable and limits flex which turns into wheel hop.

This kit keeps the stock fuel tank and all parts are under the bed to keep your bed space open.  This kit even keeps the stock spare tire location in place.  The best overall kit provides great functional wheel travel and lets you keep your truck looking pretty stock.

Shock configuration can be done a couple of ways.  The main shock uses a 2.5" coil over shock with adjustable springs so you can control the rear ride height to set it up how ever you want.  For the second rear shock you can keep the stock Fox Raptor shock, or live valve shock and keep the fully electronic control system to keep your truck happy.  Or you can use the upgraded Fox 3" stock replacement shock or Fox 3" live valve shock upgrade, or you can go with a 3" external bypass shock for the ultimate control and adjustability.  This configuration lets you decide how to set it up and ease into changes and upgrades on your schedule.  Keep the live valve shock and add the new SDI electronic control system to the truck to get a fully configurable digital and adjustable system you can change on the fly.

The new SDI electronic control system can be retro fit to 2017 and 2018 trucks by adding a set of take off live valve shocks or Fox 3" upgrade shocks with live valve and the SDI controller and wire loom system to have the ultimate control even on the first edition Gen 2 raptors and 2015 and up F150 conversions.

We also recommend installing our bump stop kit to the rear to help handle the big bumps and control the last few inches of the wheel travel.  Bump stop kit for the gen 3 will work with our long travel kit or with the stock truck Gen 3 configuration also.  Gen 2 Raptors will need the Gen 3 bump stop kit when adding the long travel 5-link rear suspension kit.

*** Only the best parts used in this kit:

  • FK uniballs
  • FK rod Ends
  • 17-4 Stainless Steel spacers
  • Delrin wobble stoppers
  • Grade 8 hardware

This kit includes

2 lower adjustable fabricated FMI trailing arms with 1.5" front uniballs and 1.25" rod ends at the axle with Delrin wobble stoppers
2 upper adjustable fabricated FMI trailing arms with 1" front uniballs and 1" rod ends at the axle
1 fabricated long travel length adjustable panhard bar with 1" uniball at the frame and 1" rod end at the axle
2 cantilever assemblies
2 Rear shock mount boxes
1 Fabricated panhard bar mount set up for the long travel geometry.
2 Fabricated frame mount plate kits for the upper and lower arms 
1 rear axle plate kit for all of the mounts that are required to be welded to the rear axle.
1 kit with hardware and spacers needed for install

Add On items available also:

Bump stop kit
Shock Guards
Gen 3 Long Travel add on kit to get ~19" of rear wheel travel


***** we sell this kit with a no shock option so you may purchase the coil over shock separately if you wish.  Conventional 12" coil over shock is compatible for the coil over shock configuration.