2017 - 2024 Raptor Lower Arm Pocket Replacement Kit By Foutz Motorsports


$ 399.99

The Foutz Motorsports Gen 2 and Gen 3 Raptor Lower Arm Pocket Replacement Kit helps strengthen the lower pockets where the lower control arm attaches. This spot takes the brunt of hard hits when doing aggressive off-roading especially after bumper upgrades. This kit comes with right and left pocket to weld into the frame, a tool plate to align the install and 2 longer bolts needed. Parts will be MIG or TIG welded and raw when sent.  Made from 4130 Chromoly material to ensure the best possible strength and designed with a lower ring support plate that is made from .250" thick material just in case you go rock hunting again by accident.

Will work with stock arms, or any aftermarket arms including long travel kits.  Will also still work with normal alignment blocks or slot delete kits.


1 ea right Front frame pocket assembly
1 ea left Front frame pocket assembly
1 pair of longer arm mount bolts 
1 ea install alignment plate 

***** This kit must be installed by a qualified fabricator and requires welding and removal of old lower arm pocket to install.

***** This kit will work on Generation 2 Ford Raptor and Generation 3 Ford Raptor frames along with 2015 and up F150 frames.

*****  This kit also will work with the Raptor stock front skid plates with no problem

*****  This kit will work on 2023 Ford Raptor R frames

WILL NOT work on regular F150 or on 2WD F150 frames