Foutz Motorsports releases new Ultra-Flex joints for our billet suspension kits

March 25, 2024

Foutz Motorsports releases new Ultra-Flex joints for our billet suspension kits

The new Ultra-Flex joint was developed to be a better alternative pivot joint to the conventional uniball that is most often used in billet rear suspension components and only available through Foutz Motorsports.  Frequently the uniball configurations will transfer road noise up into the entire truck after just minimal use.

The new design uses a stainless steel outer body around the urethane inner body to protect the billet aluminum part from the urethane body damaging the aluminum main part.  The center pivot ball is made from 17-4 stainless steel and cut to fit each vehicle application for width and bolt size.

2021-2024 Ford Raptor Flex Joint Suspension Arm Assembly


The new design is extremely easy to service utilizing a Low profile external zerk fitting that allows you to conveniently add grease to the joint whenever it's needed while the suspension arm still remains installed on the truck.

The new design saves you money  -  Instead of having to replace the complete uniball assemblies, the Ultra-Flex joint allows you to just change the urethane replacement body that may wear out over time - this saves you money in the long run compared to the the cost of replacing complete uniball assemblies. 


Other benefits of this new patent pending greaseable design include:

Extreme Durability and Better Flexibility - Significantly last longer than a uniball joint and is capable of withstanding any abuse you throw at it on or off-road.  The urethane body in the joint allows for some amount of flexibility in the joint cycle in extreme situations when you don't want the suspension cycle to get into a bind.  We all have seen the billet rear links on the Gen 3 Raptor trucks that use the uniball for the pivot joint start to make noise in just a short period of time and also the rigid mounted arms will frequently crack the upper mounts on the axle assembly when used aggressively.  The Ultra-Flex joint wont make clunking noises and the little bit of flexibility in the urethane center keeps the rear axle mounts in good shape for the long term.

Less Noise from the road - using urethane in the joint helps isolate the road noise and wont squeak or clunk like uniballs when they get worn out.  No more popping and clunking.

Resistant to corrosion & rust -  All stainless-steel components stay constantly lubricated - making this a great solution for areas that have humid / wet weather.  The greaseable joint also allows you to add grease in normal service times to ensure the joint doesn't trap moisture inside of the joint.

The new Ultra-Flex style billet aluminum arms are currently available for: 

  • Gen 3 F150 Raptor all years
  • Bronco Raptor all years
  • Bronco all 6th Gen years
  • Ranger Raptor - all years
  • 24 - Up Toyota Tacoma
  • and more on the way.  

Let us know if yo have a special application that you think the Ultra-Flex design would work well in and we can build it for you.

The Ultra-Flex joint is currently patent pending.

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