Gen 3 Raptor Front Limit Strap Kit - for Stock Lower Arm


$ 449.99

 Control the top out travel and prevent damage to your front suspension with our new Gen 3 Raptor Limit Strap Kit.   

  • Our easy to install limit strap kit is designed to work with your factory stock lower a-arm and bolt on to the cast aluminum.  This unique design will limit the top out travel and save your top shock mount from premature damage. 

  • This kit is an absolute must have especially when using aftermarket springs on your truck.  We have seen several trucks literally rip out the top cap of the shock mount when off-roading from excessive top out pressure.  Extend the life of your front suspension components with our limit strap add on kit for your Raptor.

  • We all hear the front top out when you go over a speed bump or have the front suspension come off the ground.  Our limit strap kit will help limit the top out so you don't have to rely on just the shock to stop the droop.
  • Unlike cheap straps that will stretch and wear out over time - Our durable 12" straps are made with high quality material that is capable to withstand abuse and will provide you with long lasting strength.
Gen 3 Raptor Limit Straps
    • Each strap features  4 layers of military grade webbing with steel mounting tabs at the end that are plated black.
    Gen 3 Raptor Limit Strap Kit for Stock Arm
      • The mounting brackets that secure around the front of the lower stock control arm are mig welded in house and powder coated in hammer black for ultimate durability and strength.

      Gen 3 Raptor Limit Strap kit

       **This kit requires you to weld the upper limit strap tabs to the frame and should be installed by a qualified welder/fabricator**

      This kit includes:

      ( 2 )    12" length Limit Straps

      ( 2 )    Weld-On Mounting Tabs

      ( 2 )    Gussets 

      ( 2 )    Main Mounting Brackets 

      ( 2 )    Mounting Bracket Plates

      Lower Control Arm Mounting Bracket Hardware:

      ( 10 )   3/8-16  x 1 1/4" Bolts 

      ( 10 )   3/8-16 Nyloc Nuts 

      ( 6 )     3/8 Washers

      Lower Strap Mounting Bracket Hardware

      ( 2 )    1/2-20  Eyelet Bolts

      ( 2 )    1/2-20  Nyloc Nuts 

      ( 2 )    7/16  Washers

      ( 2 )    1/2-20  Shallow Nyloc Nuts 

      ( 2 )    1/2-20  12 point Bolts

      ( 10 )    1/2 Washers for Eyelets, 5 per side 

      Upper Strap Mounting Bracket Hardware

      ( 2 )    1/2-13 x 1 1/2"  Bolts

      ( 2 )    1/2-13  Nyloc Nuts 

      ( 4 )    1/2   Washers