Gen 3 Raptor Dash center panel kit in Hammer Black - From Adapt-a-panel - 2021 - 2023 F150 Raptor


$ 169.99

The all new Adapt-a-panel Gen 3 center dash mount kit is the ultimate in quality and strength for your flexible accessories. The system uses the micro-panel insert system for flexible mounting of just about any accessory you can imagine.  Mount your phone, I-pad, Gps unit or anything else you can think up.

Made from aircraft grade aluminum, the dash mount kit is the perfect accessory to mount all of your accessories! From hands free cell phones to radio units, this is the kit you want off road so you can spend more time with your hands on the wheel!

Quick installation by removing the top plastic covers but still has an under the shell mount plate that bolts into the core tubing structure of the dash to make this the strongest mount around.

******  DOES NOT WORK ON 2024 F150 RAPTOR  ******

Kit includes 

1 base plate
2 Riser Plates
1 mounting Panel
8 kits stainless steel hardware
2 stock replacement bolts
2 laser cut spacers


Product Protected by US Patent No. 11,940,092