$ 1,250.99

This is why your Raptor needs our Front Sway Bar kit for the Stock Lower A-arm

• Improves overall handling by providing you with better side load control and balance on and off-road

• The stronger sway bar will allow your Raptor to be more responsive in corning while keeping your truck leveled at the same time

• Includes a lower arm rear support kit to help keep the alignment from changing and will strengthen the weak point in the lower arm mounts where they frequently bend with any heavy contact to the front wheel

• Features a larger .125” diameter bar and optimized sway bar arms so you have the perfect feel with more control and better grip when driving aggressively off-road or just cruising around the starbucks by your house

• Affordable upgrade that is also the first step in doing mid travel or long travel down the road

ford raptor front sway bar kit for stock lower a-arm

 Why is this kit better than the stock sway bar?

• The stock sway bar is not strong enough to correct the lateral loads when driving and will make your suspension feel less balanced in cornering

• Our front Sway Bar offers more stability for your Raptor and will minimize body roll over the stock sway bar, You will feel a noticeable difference after this kit has been installed

ford raptor front sway bar kit for stock lower a-arm

This kit is designed to attach to the lower stock arm and features:

1 1.25" DIA sway bar 

2 lower control arm pivot reinforcement brackets

2 sway bar mounts that attach to the frame

2 sway bar arms 

2 factory lower control arm adapter mounts

2 sway bar links with male and female rod ends

4 sway bar link bolts

WILL NOT work on regular F150 or on 2WD F150 frames 

Select for Gen 1 Raptor, Gen 2 Raptor, Gen 3 Raptor, or Gen 3 Raptor-R(V8) to ensure correct fitment.