Bronco 2021 + Inside Roof Mount (across front seats with short front panel) by Adapt-A-Panel


$ 459.99 $ 499.99

Get the ultimate roof mounting system inside the front of your Bronco with this innovative kit by Adapt-a-panel  

· Overhead Front Seat Roof Mount - The panel attaches to the side of the stock roof's upper tube structures in the front section and extends across from driver's side to the passenger side with a smaller center panel connecting at the middle.

· Combined with Short Panel - The smaller panel connects to the windshield area above the overhead aux switches and attaches to the front middle section of the longer across panel extending over the center console area below.    

· Strong & Secure Structure - Made from .120" thick mild steel for ultimate strength when securing the weight of multiple types of gear to the panel and to help limit flex  across the upper tubes after it's been installed. 

· Functional Grid Design - the Adapt-A-Panel system utilizes custom inserts for you to bolt a variety of off-road accessories that can be easily accessed when needed and secured tightly on the go.  It's grid design allows you to customize your setup the way you want when mounting any MOLLE type accessories, radio, GPS unit, camping or hunting gear to the panel.  

· High-Quality Finish -  it's powder coated in textured hammer black finish so the panels disappear into your headliner and not attract attention.  We use black stainless hardware so it has a sleek and clean look when its installed. (some pictures display the roof mount in raw material to show the detail & quality of the panel)   

No drilling or modifications required, It works for both soft and hard top configurations in the 4 door Bronco with all trim packages.  

The kit includes: 
1 ea front windshield panel
1 ea over head side adapter plates
1 ea right to left panel section
2 ea L-support brackets for the corners
1 ea full hardware kit

Product Protected by US Patent No. 11,940,092