2022 Bronco Raptor Front Light Mount Kit - Use Any Light


$ 349.99 $ 369.99

The Bronco Raptor looks great even stock.  If you are one of those purists that want to keep the stock front bumper but need some extra light we can help.  Our new front light mount is the answer.  This kit is designed to work with the modular stock bumper and not interfere with any of the parking sensors or adaptive cruise control system.  This mount is made with a radius bent tube to match the front shape of the Bronco Raptor and mounts to the existing bumper surface bolts.  The mount system has a top plate that allows you to use just about any light options you can think of.  From a 40" long Rigid Adapt bar, or Rigid RDS 40 to 6 inch or 9 inch round lights you can get any look you want.  The combination of slots give you tons of adjustability and flexibility.

Made from good old American steel and by an American worker you can trust that our products are of the best quality and great designs to make them look great and provide excellent functionality.  This new light mount kit is made from .120 thick 1.75" diameter mild steel tubes and .190 thick steel mounting plates to ensure strength and longevity.

Kit Includes

1 ea Foutz Motorsports Bronco Raptor Light mount bar assembly


******* The base kit does not include any lights.  you must purchase the lights separately for an additional charge depending on what you pick.

*******  Check options to purchase lights with the kit, or purchase them separately

*******  Ask your sales rep about special made wire kits to work with this light mount depending on the light options you choose.