2021 - 2022 Bronco 1.5" Front Leveling Kit


$ 249.99

The new Bronco is an awesome vehicle right from the factory but all of us off-road junkies want to evolve the Bronco and its capabilities.  Give your new Bronco the leveled out look with our new front leveling kit.  The new kit for the Bronco brings the front ride height up so that it sits level with the rear. 

We don't use some cheesy block on top of the shock mount that causes damage to your ball joints and CV's. We took the time to engineer and construct a proper under spring spacer that mounts to the shock body under the lower spring perch to add some additional preload to the stock spring.  This is the best way to gain some front ride height without changing all of the geometry by adding a block on top of the spring. 

Why is it bad to add a block on top?  When you add a block on top of the spring it moves the whole shock down and that lets the suspension droop farther then it was intended and puts bind on the ball joints and cv joints which will cause premature failures.  Don't get suckered into a block spacer like that and damage your ride.  

How do we know this? We have an incredible amount of experience and knowledge when it comes to stock suspension from our Raptor R race programs and racing our stock full Ford Super Duty race trucks over the years. Cash in on our experience and get the best leveling kit on the market for your new Bronco.

This kit only works with the Squatch Package with Bilstein Shocks and comes with:

2 ea of the coil spring collars for 1.5" of lift in raw aluminum finish

**** Will not work with HOSS 3.0 Shocks

****HIGHLY RECOMMENDED this kit is installed by a professional that has the correct tools to compress the front spring without risking injury or damage to your truck.  Compressing a spring can be dangerous if not done correctly.  Please make sure you don't try this without the correct tools for the job. Some trucks may sit different than others from factory with a variety of stock rear springs available. 

**** AFTER SPACER IS INSTALLED You should get your truck realigned to ensure you don't end up with poor tire wear in the front.