2024 Ranger Raptor Rear Lower Arm Frame Guard with HDPE Slide


$ 459.99

Protect your Ranger Raptors frame and rear lower link mount from damage by easily sliding over any obstacle off-road with this new Lower Arm Frame Guard.   
  • The Guard is made from  3/16 thick steel plate and MIG welded for strength that bolts to the existing lower link mount on the frame.  The guard improves the approach angle to the mount so you wont get hung up as easily on rocks and other obstacles.  
  • The HDPE Slide covers the bottom angle of the guard made of High Density Polyethylene that will reduce the resistance of sliding over rocks.  The slippery plastic is designed to slide over the rock easier and reduce the drag you would normally get from the steel part of the guard contacting the rock.  
  • Bolt-On Install No modifications or drilling needed  
Included in this kit:
1 ea Drivers side and Passenger side guard 
1 ea hardware mounting kit

******  Allow approximately 2 weeks production time for this kit  ******