Raptor Billet Half Tie Rod Kit - Gen1 Raptor, Gen 2 Raptor, Gen 3 Raptor, Raptor R, Gen 3.5 Raptor


$ 549.99

Our special half length Raptor tie rod works with the stock raptor inner tie rod shaft and adapts the outer section to use a high quality 7/8 rod end at the wheel.  This kit is made using aircraft grade aluminum for the tie rod and FK rod ends for the joints lets you keep the stock inner tie rod section for high clearance when needed and an affordable option to upgrading the steering on your Raptor.  The best components combined with CNC machined aluminum tie rod make the kit the best option for all generations of Raptor truck.  

Our tie rod starts off with 6061-T6 aluminum hex stock and then CNC machined to our unique shape to ensure clearance and still give you the correct flat area to ensure you can get everything tight and secure and designed to work with the stock Raptor inner tie rod shaft.

Our kit used 7/8 FK rod ends at the spindle with 17-4 stainless steel custom high misalignment spacers to ensure proper cycle and solid feel.  Attached with grade 8 bolts and lock nuts to keep things tight and strong.  

the kit includes:  

2 ea Billet Half Length Tie rod tubes with 7/8 rod ends at the wheel 
1 kit of hardware which includes 17-4 stainless steel spacers, grade 8 bolts and nuts

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