Off-Road Seat Back Panel Kit with Shovel - Hammer - Fire Extinguisher

$ 459.99 $ 499.99

This kit starts with our second generation Adapt-a-panel grid panel then we add a group of off-road specific gear to make the full kit.  This was designed with the off-road enthusiast in mind and set up for quick install and removal when you need it.  

This kit includes the following: 

1 ea standard second generation Adapt-a-panel 16 x 24 seat back panel
1 ea basic single strap kit - single top strap and base strap
1 ea Extreme duty takedown shovel
1 ea 2 lb Fire Extinguisher
1 ea Medium Molle bag
3 ea mini quick fist mount - shovel x2 - flashlight x1
2 ea hanging quick fist mount
1 ea 3 LB hammer
1 ea Hammer head mount tray
1 ea small emt kit
1 ea 7 bolt steel grid insert
1 ea Medium quick fist with base mount

*** Flashlight not included

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