5-Link Rear Suspension conversion for Gen 2 Raptors and 2015-up F150 trucks

August 28, 2021 5 Comments

5-Link Rear Suspension conversion for Gen 2 Raptors and 2015-up F150 trucks

The Team at Foutz Motorsports has just released a Gen 3 Raptor 5-link rear suspension upgrade kit designed to retro fit onto the Gen 2 Ford Raptors and also 2015-up F150 trucks.  This new kit gives the previous generation trucks the most up to date rear suspension kit for the ultimate in off-road and on road driving.  The new kit boasts ~19" of rear wheel travel.  The kit is designed around the Raptor rear axle width and if installing on the F150 platform will require fiberglass rear fenders to clear the wider rear axle.

The kit uses an off-the shelf 2.5" coil over shock that is linked to a frame mounted cantilever system to allow the added wheel travel.  The kit can work with a Raptor rear shock along with the added coil over.  You can choose between a stock Raptor rear shock with or without the live valve system for electronic control systems or any available Raptor rear shock upgrade kit.  The kit will also allow you to use a Fox 3" external bypass shock.


The kit is designed after the all new Gen 3 Ford Raptor rear suspension and shares several similarities in fit and function. 

Everything is designed to fit under the stock bed so no need to use up your bed space with the suspension kit.  The kit keeps the stock fuel tank and system without modification to keep cost down.

The system comes with:

2 lower adjustable fabricated FMI trailing arms with 1.5" front uniballs and 1.25" rod ends at the axle with Delrin wobble stoppers
2 upper adjustable fabricated FMI trailing arms with 1" front uniballs and 1" rod ends at the axle
1 fabricated long travel length adjustable panhard bar with 1" uniball at the frame and 1" rod end at the axle
2 cantilever assemblies
2 Rear shock mount boxes
1 Fabricated panhard bar mount set up for the long travel geometry.
2 Fabricated frame mount plate kits for the upper and lower arms 
1 rear axle plate kit for all of the mounts that are required to be welded to the rear axle.
1 kit with hardware and spacers needed for install


You can also add the new Foutz Motorsports Gen 3 Raptor rear bump stop kit to round out the package.

Foutz Motorsports Gen 3 Raptor Bump Stop kit

Check out the kit and see how you can get your ride dialed in and tackle the most difficult trails with ease.

5 Responses

Scott eppers
Scott eppers

April 01, 2023

What’s up Greg.. Wishing you well.. this is a cool.design you got..
Hit me up.Greg.. would love to hear from you. In Tahoe, you doing Vegas/Reno in 2023. Would.love to help…90s. old times..
Lessons Greg.
Kind Regards

andy langsam
andy langsam

August 15, 2022

i have a 2020 raptor. what is the cost for the 5 link and also for install?


April 10, 2022

Can we can some installation instruction or video. Possiable to do this to my 19 Raptor

Greg Foutz
Greg Foutz

November 16, 2021

Hey Gabriel,

We have only designed it to work with the 5.5’ bed at this time and havent looked at the longer bed configuration. It may work but we havent tried it.


October 29, 2021

Is is compatible with the super cab and a 6.5’ bed or only the 5.5’ bed?

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