Ford Ranger Raptor Billet Half Tie Rod Kit


$ 559.99


These half length Billet Tie Rods are CNC machined in house and feature high quality components so you're Ranger Raptor can get the affordable steering upgrade it deserves.   

Key Features:

  • Works with the stock inner tie rod shaft 
  • Adapts the outer section to use a high quality 7/8 rod end at the wheel. 
  • Tie rods and FK rod ends for the joints are made out of  6061-T6 aluminum hex stock
  • CNC machined into our unique shape that allows you to keep the stock inner tie rod section for high clearance when needed
  • 7/8 FK rod ends at the spindle feature custom high misalignment spacers made out of 17-4 stainless steel to ensure proper cycle and solid feel. 
  • Attached with grade 8 bolts and lock nuts to keep things tight and strong.

Kit includes: 

  • 2 ea Billet Half Length Tie rod tubes with 7/8 rod ends at the wheel
  • 1 kit of hardware which includes 17-4 stainless steel spacers,
  • grade 8 bolts and nuts

The Steering Support Sleeve is not included with this kit (as shown in photos) 

Click on the photo below for more information the new Tie Rod Nut & Support Tube for the Ford Ranger Raptor

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