Ford Raptor Rear End - Currie full floater - 9 inch

$ 5,740.00

The Currie F9 rearend for the Ford Raptor/F-150 is the ultimate upgrade for the Raptor owner who wants to have fun with his truck and not worry about what's going on out back! Unit consists of the Currie 4" tube F9 housing, 4140 chromoly floater spindles, 35 spline 4340 chromoly full floating axle shafts, leaf spring pads, shock mounts and all tabs installed for an easy bolt in installation, billet steel floater hubs with all bearings and hardware, 4340 heat treated chomoly 35 spline drive plates, billet aluminum drive flange caps with the Currie "C" cnc machined into them, new u-bolts, u-bolt plates, nuts and washers,.

NOTES: powder coating not included. Retains all factory brake equipment (rotors, calipers, backing plates and ABS). Requires a wheel with a 3.700" center hub hole.

***** Brakes and 3rd member not included.

***** Back bracing available, see CE-4307BBR.