Fold Down Lowrance HDS7-CARBON GPS Mount - Bronco Roof Mount


$ 259.99

Another innovative GPS mount from the mad scientists at Foutz Motorsports.  Check out the roof mounted fold down system for your Lowrance HDS7-CARBON GPS.  When the unit is not needed fold it up out of the way and when you need it you can fold it down to get the best visual angle.  And to top it all off you can rotate the base right or left when its folded down.  The best mount to be found for the Lowrance GPS units.

The mount was designed to work with the Adapt-a-Panel Bronco and Bronco Raptor roof panel kits.  You can find those roof panel kits here:

Bronco Raptor Short Front Panel Kit
Bronco Full Length Roof Panel Kit

The kit will work with Lowrance HDS7-CARBON and HDS-GEN3 GPS Mounts.  Stainless steel quick knobs are used to hold the unit in the folded or down position so you can adjust the mount with ease and no tools needed.

Kit Includes:

1 ea Roof pivot hanger mount
1 ea Lowrance HDS7 mount adapter plate
1 ea Adapt-a-panel 7 hole aluminum insert
2 ea Adapt-a-panel 3 hole half size aluminum insert
1 ea Hardware kit

*****  New product please allow 4 weeks for production and delivery time *****

****** GPS NOT INCLUDED ********
****** Does NOT fit the HDS 7 LICE or the HDS 7 Elite units.  Check alternate part 

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