Raptor R - the ultimate V8 equipped off road Truck

The Raptor R

The ultimate Raptor truck from Ford Motor Company.  The Raptor-R is powered by a super charged V8 to deliver 700 Horse Power.  Combined with the best possible suspension package on any production truck available makes the Raptor "R" the ultimate truck known to mankind.  Ford in conjunction with Foutz Motorsports built the first Raptor R race truck back in 2008 as part of the birth of the Raptor program for Ford Motor Company.  The Skunk works project set the stage to build the first Raptor R truck to be campaigned at the Baja 1000 that year.  The whole project was documented in a 2 hour movie called "Raptor Born in Baja" that showed the build and race effort of the first Raptor-R truck.  

Now fast forward to the year 2023 and Ford is at it again bringing the Raptor R truck to the street for all to enjoy.  

And the Team at Foutz Motorsports came to the table with all of the upgrade parts you need for your Raptor R.  Check out everything we have to offer and if you dont see what you need please let us know and we can help you find it.