Bronco Raptor (2022 +) Rear Hydraulic Bump Stop Kit


$ 1,829.99

Get the ultimate stock rear suspension upgrade with our new rear bump stop kit for the Bronco Raptor.

Another first to market suspension upgrade for your Bronco Raptor.  Enjoy riding the trails in a whole new way with our Bronco Raptor Rear Bump Stop Kit. The hydraulic bump stop will improve your ride in rough terrain and provide protection from that accidental hit you didn't anticipate.  Use your choice of full size 2.5" diameter Fox, King, or ADS bump stops.

Our kit is fully CAD designed and developed with strength and quality in mind.  We painstakingly spend hours on the computer to bring our kits to life and try to make them as simple as possible to install and get the best geometry possible within the packaging constraints.  Our new kit  uses a full size 2.5" diameter bump stop with 2.5 of travel to provide the best possible ride quality.  This kit will help you soak up the biggest bumps with ease. 

The kit bolts on to the factory frame over the stock bump stop area with no frame modifications.  Completely bolt on kit on the frame side.  The kit is MIG welded and powder coated texture black.

Axle pads also bolt on to the rear axle and are located by the existing spring mounts on both sides and require no welding.  You will have to remove a couple of small brackets that are factory welded to the rear axle for wire management however.

Kit Includes:   

( 2 )  Bump stop mount sections that attach to the frame

( 2 ) Bump pad kits for for the axle

( 1 )  hardware kit for install

Choose the brand of bump stop you want to include at check out time.

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